What Is Light Beams Barrier Treatment?

Light Beams Barrier Treatment is a unique serum for many reasons, and we don’t say that just because it’s our baby!

To best understand Light Beams, you must first understand what inspired its creation.

The Inspo

Brand founder Simedar Jackson immediately noticed a pattern amongst their clients when starting out their aesthetics career in 2019. So many people suffered from ongoing breakouts, dullness and dryness but were knee-deep in products and involved routines. A quick audit of their skincare shelves told Simedar there was an overuse of exfoliants and not nearly enough hydration. Some clients even rarely used sunscreen!

At the time, the skincare industry was pumping out exfoliant products under misleading names and guidelines. Terms like “treatment toners” and “brightening serums” hid the fact the product contained potent actives and left consumers unknowingly applying exfoliating acids daily.

The result was an epidemic of damaged barriers that no longer responded to clients’ familiar products.

After years of doling out similar solutions of strategic exfoliation and amped-up skin nourishing routines, Simedar decided to fill the gap with the skin maintenance product that was still missing from the market.

The Formula

When formulating Light Beams, two of the most important characteristics were that it had to be a daily-use product and the texture must be suitable for various skin types. Barrier products are notorious for being creamy and thick, turning off the texture-sensitive and oily-prone skin types.

Moreover, Simedar wanted to create something that was truly safe for daily use and not just marketed that way to sell products. The goal was to develop something that fits into the routine you already have, not convince you to give up the products you love.

Regarding ingredients, Simedar and AJ Addae, lead chemist at Sula Labs, took an ambitious approach. The two decided to simultaneously address hydration, moisture and uneven skin tone to create a multidimensional product that benefited skin from all angles. Where most serums lean on one or two active ingredients to create change, Light Beams Barrier Treatment wrangles up both natural extracts and clinical complexes to give antioxidant protection, increase water levels, provide moisture, promote brightness and soothe angry skin.

What to Expect

Light Beams is formulated to give immediate and long-term benefits for a serum that works hard on and off the clock. Licorice root and yerba mate (kombucha) provide an immediate brightness to the skin that fades unevenness over time. Urea delivers instant hydration while saccharide isomerate helps keep skin plump for days on end by binding to skin proteins and drawing in water until the end of that skin cell’s life cycle.

Meaningful levels of azelaic acid mean that it’s safe to use every day, even if you’re using other actives in your routine! With continued use, azelaic acid will help soothe skin and fade abnormal dark spots.

How to Use

Morning or night, apply one pump of Light Beams to freshly cleansed and/or treated skin. Follow up with additional serums, or just go straight to moisturizer. Make sure to apply ample amounts of at least SPF 30 in the morning. Then, go live your life!


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